Technological advancements have influenced each and every industry in varying scales. The contribution of technology in the field of healthcare is immense. And AKAS Medical is one of the few companies who work on technology to the core. Right from designing quality products to delivering significant performance for our customers, we make sure we take utmost care in each step. We also constantly improve our products and work hard to bring innovation in all possible areas. Our technological advancements can be attributed to many steps we have taken in the recent past. We’ve built Android apps to check the status of orders and delivery. The app also helps customers to register complaints. Mr. Arjunsooraj, CEO – AKAS Medical, in a recent interview said: “our applications take customers feedback through audio, video and stream them in-house.”
The Indian Medical Market is placed differently. Around 80 percent of the medical equipment used in hospitals here are imported. The treatment cost also gets a lot higher as a result of import duty and heavy maintenance charges. This is the reason why AKAS Medical came into existence. Our first product was an infusion pump which was built with the help of a small team of engineers. Over the years, AKAS Medical has become a premier critical care equipment manufacturing company providing infusion pumps and syringe pumps to a wide range of healthcare units.

AKAS Medical has adapted to rapid technological advancements and at the same time indulged in offering cost-effective medical equipment to its customers. We also make sure strong support assurance is provided to our valuable customers. Our technologically advanced “Quick Vital Sign”, which is a seven-parameter outpatients screening equipment can be used in any Outpatient department. This device helps in checking seven parameters in a human body such as height, weight, Spo2%, pulse rate, non-invasive blood pressure, temperature, and BMI. In earlier machines, the value of BMI should be calculated manually. But with the latest technologies in place, the BMI is calculated at once.

AKAS Medical has set two targets for themselves – one is to develop the network of dealers and sales staff and the other is the use of digital media to enhance the reach. AKAS Medical is currently working on mobile application development to enhance customer experience. The main selling point of AKAS Medical is their pricing. The medical equipment we offer is priced much lower than the European and Japanese competitors. With all factors falling in place for AKAS Medical, we are eyeing the top spot in the list of critical care medical equipment. If you are looking for medical equipment for your healthcare unit, get in touch with us.