Looking after patients and constantly monitoring them with a specialised team comprising of nurses, dieticians, physiotherapists and consultants is the general outlook that people have on Intensive Care Unit. But this just forms a part of the entire story. A lot of specialised skills and knowledge is put into the picture right from the devices that are used to monitor patients to the equipment that are used to inject medicine into the patient’s veins. These devices form the crux of healthcare facilities and reputation of any hospital.

ICU nurses play a key role in a patient’s intensive care. Right from taking regular blood tests, giving the patient the drugs and fluids prescribed by the doctor. recording the patient’s blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels to changing sheets and washing the patient in bed, nurses provide an all-round support to the patients. And for nurses to take proper care of the patients, they should be supported with proper medical equipment.

Infusion pump, syringe pump, and patient monitors are key devices that help in monitoring a patient’s health in the ICU. An infusion pump infuses fluids and nutrients into a patient’s circulatory system. This device helps in injecting even a very little drug as per the specific timings set. Drugs can be set to be injected every hour or even a minute. The dosage can also be controlled as per the need. A syringe pump is a type of infusion pump which helps administer drugs to patients in a controlled manner. But these medical syringe pumps require a competent medical staff to administer the operation of the equipment.

Patient monitors provide clear basic information about a patient in whichever way you want. The monitoring sensors, internal procession components and the monitor help in monitoring as well as storing information about a patient’s vital signs – blood pressure, body temperature, pulse rate and respiration rate. The type of display, audible and visual alarms, customisability features differ from hospital to hospital.

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