Critical-care Nursing, otherwise called as Intensive-Care Unit nursing, is a specialty that asks for immense focus and endurance. ICU nurses have years of experience in actively monitoring and treating seriously ill patients with life-threatening conditions. These nurses possess specialized skills not only in managing patients but also in operating all the medical equipment in the Intensive Care Unit. It is for this reason that ICU nurses are in high demand with healthcare employers across the world.

In most nursing specialties, the work assigned to nurses is limited to taking vitals and moving patients to different wards for taking specified tests. However, ICU nurses need to provide their patients with total care. The aggressive and assertive effort of nurses supported by the advanced modern medical equipment is what makes ICU patients feel safe and secure. Science and Technology have advanced and in the field of medicine, their contribution is enormous. You would have seen a lot of medical equipment in an Intensive Care Unit. But the way they function and help in monitoring a patient is something people don’t generally know. Hope this read educates you on few medical equipment that plays a key role in monitoring patients in providing the necessary medication.

The syringe pump is a medical equipment that is designed to deliver drugs to patients at a predetermined rate. Certain medicines cannot be administered to patients just like that. These concentrated medicines need to be injected slowly as well as continuously. This is where syringe pumps come into effective use. They can be programmed in such a way that they deliver drugs through the patient’s vein at a preset rate. The main advantage of using syringe pumps is that you can deliver drugs even in very small doses, say 0.1 ml per hour. They can also deliver drugs at a rate of 200 ml per hour. Different syringe pumps come with different accuracies and flow rate. At times, more than one syringe pump is used when there is a need to deliver more than one drug at the same time.

An infusion pump is a medical device used to deliver fluids into a patient’s body in a regulated manner. Different types of infusion pumps are used for kinds of situations. Infusion pumps can deliver fluids in small or large amounts. Usually, antibiotics, pain relievers or chemotherapy drugs are delivered using infusion pumps.

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