Vital signs are a measurement of blood pressure, respiratory rate, heart rate and temperature. The measure of each and every parameter holds a different meaning for children and adults. Normal values for vital signs exist for adults, but in the case of children, it depends on their age. For example, when you take your kids to a hospital, you may notice that few vital signs are lower than those of an adult, while the others are higher. This read will help you understand what different vital signs mean for kids.

Infants generally have a much higher pulse rate and respiratory rate than what adults have. An infant’s heart muscles and the muscles that assist breathing aren’t at the fully developed stage. The elasticity of the muscle fibres is very much low due to its immature built, and therefore it makes the heart pump much faster. However, as you start growing older, the muscles can stretch and contract more effectively. This means that the heart doesn’t have to exert much to move blood through the body. This is the reason why kids generally have higher pulse rate than adults. However, if an infant has a heart rate which is lower than normal, it is a matter of concern. The main causes of slow heart rate in infants include – lack of oxygen in the bloodstream, low body temperature, heart problem or just an adverse effect of medications. These are all caused due to different reasons. If a kid stays awake for too long and doesn’t follow a healthy diet, these kinds of complications arise.

For people who are more into numbers, here is the list of optimal values for each vital sign for kids.

  • Heart Rate: 85 to 190 per minute
  • Respiratory Rate: 30 to 60 times per minute
  • Temperature: 98.6 Degrees Fahrenheit

The reason why the ranges are high for pulse rate and respiratory rate is that it varies depending on the actual age of the kid. But in the case of body temperature, 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit is the normal temperature for both kids and adults. A person’s body temperature scales up and down several values throughout the day. This is because of hormone swings, activities we do and exposure to hot or cold weather. Adults usually experience high blood pressures due to a buildup of cholesterol in their bodies. Children don’t really have these kinds of health adversities and therefore a doctor’s advice is necessary if the blood pressure is either too high or too low. Low or high Blood pressure value in children indicates that there is a defect in the heart or lung.

It is, therefore, necessary that you take your kids for frequent check-ups to make sure that your child’s heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature and blood pressure are kept on the watch. With advanced medical equipment available right now, you no longer have to worry about the level of tests to be done and the time involved. AKAS Medical is a medical equipment manufacturing company that serves clients across the world with high-quality machinery. AKAS Medical has expertise in building QVS which serves as an intelligent physical examiner for optimal measurements of several parameters like height, weight, Temperature, heart rate, BMI and so on. BMI is usually calculated manually because older medical equipment doesn’t come with the option of calculating it. QVS helps do that and lots more. A printer attached to the device helps you take a printout of the test results immediately, thereby eliminating the risk of manual errors. If you are in need of medical equipment for your healthcare unit, get in touch with us.