AKAS Medicals is one of the few critical care equipment manufacturing companies that update and upgrade their medical equipment based on technological advancement. The dedicated team of personnel with years of experience in engineering and medical fields design every product and deliver best results for healthcare units. Technology keeps evolving. Each every industry and sub-fields need to adapt to these fast progressions to stay relevant in the market.

Being a medical equipment manufacturer and having a strong dealer network, we have included digital technology in our business model to deliver better customer care. We have designed Android applications to make it easier for us to know the status of orders and delivery. Our app also provides space for customers to register their complaints. The feedbacks can be taken in any form – audio or video. With the Government sector planning to equip hospitals with advanced medical equipment, AKAS Medicals is ready to penetrate the market in two ways – Increase the dealer network and use digital media to improve the reach.

AKAS Medical like any other start-up did face several hardships in its earlier years. Getting the right technically knowledgeable manpower was the toughest one among all the obstacles. The other significant issues were related to sourcing imported components and vendors to build the right items. Right from the beginning till now, we have stood by our vision. We made sure all the medical equipment we manufacture were – “Made in India. Made by Indians. Made for the World.” Our vision has also been to be better than German Engineering, better than Japanese Quality, better than American customer service and lower than Chinese pricing. Having a vision and travelling in its path is key to any business and we have succeeded in doing so. AKAS Medicals is the first Indian Company to exhibit their product range of drug delivery systems in Germany. AKAS Medicals also takes pride in being the first to develop a slim cost-effective LCD chart.

AKAS Medicals has developed an atmosphere of openness and flexibility which provides its employees with a wide range of career growth opportunities. We encourage our team of 175 professionals to think outside-the-box and at the same time voice their opinions openly. We offer our team of experts with added benefits such as flexible working hours, entertainment and sound work environment. Our promotion system is designed in such a way that it ensures great career growth and provides incentives on monthly, quarterly and annual basis. We also conduct several rewards and appraisal programs to keep our team motivated towards the task of delivering the highest quality of service to our customers.

AKAS Medicals has developed a secure market position in Indian in the medical equipment manufacturing domain. AKAS Medicals is currently working on improving its mobile applications to enhance customer experience. Our company is also looking to adopt new strategies to tap into the global market with its cutting-edge products. AKAS Medicals also aims to be the first medical equipment rental provider in India.