AKAS Medical offers critical care medical equipment and lots of other medical devices to healthcare units such as hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. All the products offered by AKAS Medical are CE certified, meaning they are clear to be used in all the EU countries. Our ophthalmology products are FDA certified. Even though AKAS Medical caters to only a few distribution networks and customers globally currently, they are on the plans of expanding their distribution network and customer base on a global scale. The Quick Vital Sign (QVS) and Drip Sure products are aimed at the future and with technological advancements on the upscale, we have already started challenging the global market.

Arjunsooraj V, CEO – AKAS Medical, in a recent interview with eHealth said, “In 2018 we are looking at a promising growth as we have started playing in bigger market size. We have also increased our service support centres in various geographies to give quicker service”.

Last year has been a great one for AKAS Medical. Three product launches namely the Quick Vital Sign, Drip Sure and Patient Monitors with non-contact temperature and wireless central monitor have been well received by several healthcare units. We have also bagged various Government orders in Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal, AIIMS, PGI Chandigarh and many others.

We have always strongly believed in the timely adaptation of technological advancements to the medical industry. Without technological advancements, the effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment is going nowhere. We made sure our patient monitors device came with temperature parameter recording. We also found that the number of probes and wires running on the patients made them feel uncomfortable. So, we made sure our patient monitor device came with non-contact temperature recording. The advanced device can record the temperature changes and provide details on the trend.

AKAS Medical has also launched a mobile application to improve the customer service. The customer feedback messages that are received through the application helps AKAS Medical in constantly improving the products and services. More innovative products are still in R&D and are going to see the light in the latter half of 2018.

AKAS Medical has broken the shackle of India being portrayed as a lower grade medical equipment manufacturer. If you are in need of critical care medical equipment for your healthcare unit, get it touch with us.